MMA Assholes

This is my childhood freind Joey hedz here with more GYM GOSSIP and vents on “wanna-be” MMA fighters. Re-post this shit if you know when of these assholes or wanna-bes and can relate

Joey Hedz Gym Gospel

   Pro’s or Joe’ s
                A lot of jerks at my gym lately walking around with crooked hats, MMA apparel ( shorts/ shirts) ,  stupid ass haircuts and getting the rep around my gym as the “professional mma fighter”.  90% of these idiots don’t even fight and probably started training like 4 months ago, 5% have like 3 nonsense fights- probably suck and have no future in the sport and the other 5% actually could be respectable.   Regardless, the pro-mma- fighter gimic is now as popular as z- cavariches were in my neighborhood back in the 90’s.   I respect the real fighters and understand you have to start somewhere but these gimicked out guys gotta go.  Years back,  I was training @ American Top Team years ago where Ricardo Liborio was teaching and UFC vets like  Denis Kang,  Mike Brown, Pitbull Alves, Steve Bruno, Wilson Gouivea, Jeff Monson, Charles McCarthy, etc were all on the mat and appearances by Murilo Bustamante,  Minotaro Nogueira, Tito Ortiz and many more over the years were common.   These guys worked there asses off to earn the title, “pro mma fighter” and now these little wannabes are just fucking it up for the rest of em.  It is perfectly ok to be a fan but thats NOT what these people are doing… they are just jerks ! ! .   Its a little much when these guys are in the tapout shorts w/ the shirt that says “Fighting solves everything” and shadow boxing in the mirror in between sets just dieing for someone to ask “Hey man, You fight ”   These dudes are distracting some of my workouts because I can’t help but listen to the answer that follows that question because more times then not,  the answer is ” I got my 1st fight coming up”  (which usually gets cancelled and never happens).   If your a fighter, great.  We gettit ! 


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