Why Teenagers suck and I’m better than them……

I had an altercation with some fuckin teenagers in the Bagel shop today and it got me pissed and  motivated me to write this blog. Here is why every fuckin teenager wants to rebel against mommy and daddy and thinks they know everything, even though they are the biggest dumbest fuckin retards on the planet…..If your between the ages of 13 – 19, take fuckin notes!

#1 They are little and puny their whole lives and depended on their parents for everything. They remember when their parents took their toys away or man handled them for not listening. For 12 years this shit fuckin builds up in them. Then BAM! Boys get hit with testosterone and girls and grow tits. Now they are the same height and weight as their parents and think that their parents aint shit anymore.  They have the attitude of ” you have been telling me what to do and man handeling me my whole life. Now I am as big as you are mothafucka, try me now”. This is where all the rebellion comes in. They think because they bodies have grown, that their brains have grown too. WRONG! you still got a baby retard brain. Girls have titties now and think “I’m a woman now, I have titties, I’m ready to fuck”………no arguement here

#2 Teenagers are fuckin dumb as shit because they think they invent shit, when all they do is do the same fuckin gay dumb teenage shit that every other teenager did a generation before them, but with a twist. Nirvana was always around fagget, you didnt discover it! Stop thinking you are cool for “finding it” and go blow your fuckin brains out like kurt cobaid did. Then you will be the coolest you fuckin herb! Cool bitch, you wanna decorate your room in Justin beiber shit and make out with your pillow pretending its him? Guess what you fuckin loser, your mom did the same shit with New Kids on The block, or the back street boys, or N’Sync , …..and your grandma did it to The monkeys, or the fuckin beatles…….you unorignal copy cat bitch. Let me guess too……you fantasize about him marrying you too? yeah, bieber might marry your beat ass with your braces when he has fat 21 year old woman titties in his face. (And guys, note this behavior early…..the only reason bitches fantasize about bieber is because he is FAMOUS…….like I said, bitches are attracted to money and power. They aint fantasizing about Alfonso, the fat italian kid who sings well in chorurs class. That fat mothafucka sings well and cant get his dick sucked for shit!)

#3 Fuckin teenage tough guys givin adults dirty looks like they are going to kick their ass. Mothafucka! dont ever look at me like that when you never been in a fight in your faggety 14 years of exsistance! 12 of those years you had the same amount of estrogen as your sisyer! I was punching skulls when you were just a nutt stain in your father’s underwears! And I notice they only give the look when they are with 10 of their other asshole pussy friends. I will kick ALL your asses……and dont forget to ask me to buy you beer when I’m done. You can press the cold can against your face to keep the swelling down.

#4 Being embaressed of their parents. Everyone of you copy cat mothafuckers get embaressed of their parents until they need shit from them. I was the same way. Now my mom houses me up when I aint got no where to live. Half your friends from school u ain’t gonna talk to anyway in 10 years. Facebook dont count. Facebook = Fakebook. Your family will always be there ( unless they are a piece of shit). Stop suckin your friends dicks so much….and start suckin your familys……(not gay or nothing, just an analogy)

#5 Your style SUCKS! Your are the farthest thing from dressing cool! You dress like a fuckin scumbag who the head jews market their bullshit too…..and your the sucker who bought it……or had your parents buy. Cool dude! Your wearing a Lil Wayne T-shirt! Wow! Nice Eminem shirt! Your so fuckin cool! YOUR-A-FUCKIN-LOSA! Eminem doesnt even wear his own shirts you fagget!

#6 Nice skin! Here is something to be pissed about. How the fuck do u know everything and are cooler than me, but your skin looks like shrappnel hit it. Invest in pro-active. Your skin digusts me! My skin is the shit and tan. Wake up! Your in the shittiest stage of your life, not the best! Your skin is a sign of this. Loose the attitude or i’ll slap it out your oily face!

#7 Why do you think you know it all? Because your got your period or some hair on your balls? Now all the sudden you know more than me? Is it because you touched a puss for the first time or kissed a boy? Your a shithead! You actually get dumber these years.

If you feel lost and like a loser, u probably are. Just look up to me….i aint gonna bullshit you like everyone else…..and if your a teenager and didnt like what I wrote, FUCK U! Go pop your pimples and jerk off to a Victoria Secrets Catalog. Teenage girls…..hit me up when you hit 18……right now your on lay away.

Your Idol

-The Chin



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