Dead People

Here is a blog by another legand from long Island Shit Pesci. We call him shit Pesci because he looks and talks like the bootleg version of the real pesci. Like danny devito and arnold in twins. Most will know him as “Meatball” from his epic days at oneonta college. Here he talks about jerking off and dead people…..

DEAD PEOPLE by Shit Pesci

Everyone has heard the old near death experience story.  “My body was moving towards a bright light and then suddenly I saw my deceased family members all around me”.  Really?  I wonder if our dead relatives are around watching us all the time?  I mean, isnt that going to be a little awkward when you finally die and you have to speak to these people again.  Its going to be real fun explaining to my grandmother why I need to tie a belt around my neck and have my girl put 3 fingers in my ass to make me cum. “Well grandma, in the year 2011 this is how we make love”.  Or why there were entire days I spent hunched over in my computer chair like a troll playing tug of war with my meat baton.  Its embarrassing enough trying to focus on finishing with the pressure of my dog staring at me with his head tilted to the side trying to figure if he should go get help or not from the neighbors. Awesome….now I have the image of my entire deceased extended family watching me go to town on myself while looking on in complete disgust.
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