Internet Tuff Guys…..

Fuck’em! They are pussies! Do i even need to address this subject about shit that everyone else already knows. If you talk shit on the internet your a puss! PERIOD! This is to all you faggets who private message me, email me, call me, leave me voice messages, write about me…….you know who the fuck you are. You know if I saw you face the face you wouldnt have the balls to say the shit your saying, the way you are saying it. and if you did grow a pair, then i’ll just slap your fuckin face off right there. God luck trying to knock me down! I’m the fuckin chin!  I NEVER GO DOWN!


P.S and whoever’s face I cant slap off, one of my boyz will! LONG ISLAND LEGENDS!

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1 Response to Internet Tuff Guys…..

  1. u puss bag gettin ur boys to back u up!

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