Men & Woman’s Life Cycle…. PART #2

Ages 13 – 18
Girls grow hoots and use them to take their playground games to the next level of grabbing mens attention. This age most girls get broken in, mainly by a guy that is older than them. Status starts to make its way into who bitches are attracted to. You bette rbe on the football team or selling drugs, otherwise you aint fuckin the hot puss in high school. Fuckin Fact!
Boys all the sudden can’t stop touchin thei dick and are amazed at the magic trick finale that happens at the end of every jerk session. They try to find everything that makes jerking off feel better….vasaline, soap, baby oil a fuckin microwaved banana stuck inside a paper towel tube, whatever the fuck they can hump to increase the feeling. A the same time, they all the sudden out of fuckin no where, become attracted to woman and are willing to deal with their bullshit, just to give them a front row seat to their new magic show. They usual prey on younger girls, basically it is easier (see above notes). After the first magic show experience with a girl, they are fuckin ADDICTED, and pussy is turns them into zombies where they do EVERYTHING in life, weither it’s workout, try to get rich, take a bath, wipe their ass after a shit, lie,cheat , steal, WHATEVER THE FUCK IT TAKES just to get it!
Ages 18 – 25
Girls become either woman or Hewas at this stage(some molt into hewas early in life, but this is the main stage for most). They now know the full power of their puss, and want to use and abuse it to get as much attention as they can and material things from men to feed their large egos (which they pretend they dont have). At this stage they will rip another girls head off if she even trys to look at the men she plans to prey on. They are willing to fuck with no strings attached. They are also in their most physical attractive stage in their life. Men can not compete with the fuckin power woman have in this stage. They will melt like superman when he sees kryptonite.  The world is theirs here and they know it. They try to gain the attention of as many powerful men of status as they can in this stage. They will not look at any male younger than them here. They older, richer, and studlier the better at this stage.
Men are sick of all the older guys fuckin the girls their age, so they fuck all the younger girls. hence the cycle continues. Men  learn their hips and perfect their fucking in this cycle. Their lies also get better as they practice on the younger more naive girls.
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