This is who the fuck I am for anyone that lives under a fuckin rock or is a herb ass losa. My name is Vincenzo “The Chin” Ferraro and I’m a Legend on Long Island. Why? Because of who knows me, what I’ve done, who I’ve done, who I’ve fought, where I’ve partied, AND I’m still alive to do it all over again next weekend. If you’re from Long Island and don’t know me you’re fuckin BEEEEEEEAT!

I was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn then moved to Howard Beach, Queens, then to Massapequa, Long Island by the time I was 5 or 6. Ladies, Im whatever age you want me to be. Alot of fuckin people tried to “Big Boy” me when I was growing up. I tried to be nice, but that’s when I learned quick, nice guys finish last…..get their lunch money stolen first…..get their ass kicked second……have to sit in the front of the bus with the super dork losas and get no attention from bitches…..Click My Fuckin Bio for the full story


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